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Preparing for the new school year - Behaviour and SEND workshop

Behaviour continues to be a key issue in every school. Essex schools should be rightly proud of the high standards and long tradition of leading good practice in Behaviour Management. The most effective schools are always looking to innovate and improve on practice. Every school has the scope to be better at promoting and encouraging positive behaviour.


This September, Ofsted will be adopting a new framework for Inspection - Behaviour and Attitudes will be inspected as a separate judgement. We have yet to have specific details, but it’s likely Ofsted will look at the way schools promote positive attitudes, behaviours for learning, set clear and consistent expectations and take pro-active anti-bullying approaches – nothing to worry about then…meanwhile school staff will balance this with everything else they are expected to do.


We would like to offer a half day course to support colleagues in preparing effectively for the new school year.


The half-day session will include a revision of the ‘5Rs’ framework and focus on how whole class strategies can effectively support behaviours for learning.


The course will focus on practical strategies and opportunity for colleagues to problem-solve and share good practice with the course leader.


This course is suitable for teachers with a range of experience. We would encourage NQTs and RQTs to attend, however, leadership may also like to attend. All are welcome.

Jonathan Miller, Education Consultant


Jonathan Miller is an experienced education consultation with over 25 years’ experience working with schools nationally and internationally. Originally a teacher and advisor he successfully led the UKs largest Behaviour Support Service in Essex for many years. He has been training teachers and working with education leaders for nearly 20 years. He trained the first cohorts for Teach First in Behaviour Management before they were let loose in some of the most challenging inner-city schools. While working for Essex he co-authored Promoting Positive Behaviour: The Essex Approach and pioneered peer support anti-bullying approaches.


His work in the UK, US, Middle East and with China has included a wide range of education areas including SEND, Teaching & Learning, Family and Community Support and innovative approach to curriculum design. He was a founder member of Edison Learning and co-architect of the original Edison Design for School Improvement which now forms the basis of the NAHTs Aspire Model. He has worked in both the public and commercial sectors from pre-school to secondary and was Global Director of Projects for EdisonLearning before becoming a freelance consultant. As an Associate for the Educational charity, Educators International he facilitates educational leadership in developing countries and champions innovative approaches in English language teaching.


He remains user-friendly, passionate about education and interested in sharing his experience to help teachers with the current challenges they face.


Behaviour remains a key issue for teachers and Jonathan is keen to meet with staff, discuss and better understand the current challenges they face in relation to Behaviour issues.