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Return to Teaching

Could it be the right time for you to come back to teaching?


Are you a qualified teacher? Would you like to have regular teaching work that is close to home and fits with your circumstances?  We can help you to return into teaching.


You may have taken a career break and you are now ready to resume work.


You may want to work part-time rather than full-time.


It could be that you have relocated and are looking for a teaching job that is closer to home.

Complete this form to express your interest in returning to teaching

Use this form to let us know you want to explore the opportunity to return to teaching in one or more of our partnership schools. We will contact you by email or, if you give us your phone number, we will call you back at a time that is convenient to you.

Before you start work, we will offer you an introduction to the schools in our network. We ask you about how much you feel ready to take on because we will want you to start working only when you are ready. We will get to know you and find out about your teaching experience and interests. You may feel ready to dive straight in again, but if not, we will help you gain the experience that feel you need. In addition, we can offer you coaching and training to help you to be confident and fully ready.


Once you begin to take on regular teaching assignments at one or more of our schools, we will offer you ongoing training to update and refresh your teaching skills and we will help you find appropriate assignments that fit with your personal circumstances, your experience and readiness to re-start as a teacher.


Why wait? Put your qualifications and experience to use by returning to teaching.